At Avon Pet Hospital we perform Surgeries on the regular basis including spay/neuter, declaw, lumpectomy, exploratory surgeries, cystotomy, other soft surgeries. Detailed instructions for drop off and fasting are given as hand out and discussed with pet owners. Importance of blood work and intravenous fluid are explained as well as handouts given to our clients. Patient monitoring is done by registered veterinary technician and experienced technician and we use pulse oximetry during surgery.


We do complimentary nail trimming after surgery and other requested minor procedure like microchip is also performed at the same time.  Our patients recover with heat pads/lamp. Home care instructions hand outs are always given to pet owner. We always give follow up phone call the next day of discharge of the pet to make sure that everything is fine with the pet and if there is any concern then we call the owner with their pet to our clinic for examination.