Avon Pet Hospital has its own complete in-house laboratory, making it possible to perform many tests and obtain the results with minimal waiting. The ability to complete accurate diagnostic tests in our hospital gives us an important advantage.


We are able to do routine lab tests including fecal analysis, heartworm testing, feline virus testing, skin scraping evaluations, Complete blood count (cbc), chemistry panels, urinalysis, thryoid screeing and blood clotting time evaluations. Appropriate therapy for your pet can begin right away. Prompt treatment makes a great difference in how quickly your pet responds and increases the likelihood of a complete recovery. In addition to giving us fast results, our lab is more convenient for you. If your pet is scheduled for surgery, you may bring him or her in that same day for pre-operative blood work instead of making a separate trip. Having the results of tests in minutes instead of hours saves stress on you and your pet.


We have access to many good and reputed labs for more specialized  and detailed analysis of any sample.