We have fully equipped dentistry machine for a proper dental treatment of your pets.


Routine annual dental examination along with physical examination is very important for pets and we love to discuss in detail about that with our valuable clients. We always discuss the grades of periodontal diseases and signs/symptoms related with tartar/plaque, halitosis (bad breath), broken or loose teeth and infection/ inflammation in mouth. Importance of blood work and intravenous fluid are always discussed along with dentistry. After peoperly assessing the mouth we make quote for dentistry and show to the owner. We discuss everything in detail with the owner regarding the dentisrty including blood work/intravenous fluid and antibiotics. 

Detailed after dentistry instructions are discussed and hand outs are given to the owner. We also give complimentary dental kit from reputed companies and bag of food (if promotion is going). Follow up phone call is always given the next day to make sure that everything is fine and if there is any than we to call the owner along with their pet for examination.